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Citimac Renovation Ptd Ltd @ 2014


Depending on the project scope, the makeover process might not be an easy task. Nonetheless, we try to make it a hassle free one for our clients. Below are steps for the makeover process & we hope it serves as a guideline to you -- our potential clients!

Space planning

Meeting of client, preferably at project site, to understand their requirements as well as to identify any physical/space constraints of the site. This would allow us to do:

a) space planning for the project site (if required)
b) an estimated cost on the scope of works

Subsequent follow up to discuss & firm up on the scope of works & thus the cost involved.
Information gathering

Depending on the scope of works, an in-depth discussion with the client is required for us to understand the lifestyle habits / preference of the end users.

With the knowledge, we would be able to embark on the designing process ensuring the requirements of the end users are met.
Design confirmation

Drawings & suggested color scheme will be presented to clients for approval & fine tuning.
The Facelift begin

Once the approval from the relevant / respective authorities is obtained, work starts at the project site.

Subsequent site meeting(s) with client for further discussion / confirmation of works (if required).
The Makeover complete

With the makeover complete, we are ready to handover the project.

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