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Citimac Renovation Ptd Ltd @ 2014


A look at our company logo, the big arch on the left represents the letter 'C' (which stands for Citimac) while the stacks of blocks to the right represents the blocks of HDB flats -- this was how Citimac Renovation Building Materials (predecessor of Citimac Renovation Pte Ltd) was establised in 1985 providing project management/co-ordination & renovation services mainly to HDB flats.

Over the years, our clientele base expanded. From HDB flats, we extend our services to condominiums, landed (A&A works) & commercial properties. Recognizing the needs of the design & build industry, we incorporated interior design consulting as part of the services provided. Listening, engaging & understanding the needs of our clients have also become our priority to ensure that we create a suitable & comfortable environment for work, fun & living.

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